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Portable Ultraviolet-C Lamp


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Product Description.

Now you and your family can be safe from against all harmful viruses and other pathogens. with the ingenious new handheld disinfection ultra violet light. Simply press one button to use.

This portable miracle kills 99% of all germs, viruse and bacteria. It works fast in just few minutes. Perfect for effectively sterilizing keys, phone, laptop, groceries, surfaces, kids toys, bathroom and much more.


Intelligent Auto power off every after 30 minutes of use prevents overheating. you get a long last 15,000 hour life span. It's convenient USB rechargeable and ready to use every time you need it.

Ultra compact for easy carry and storage. Easy to take in your brief case, backpack, or purse. 360 degree sterilization perfect for home, work and daily sanitation routine. 

Stay safe. Get this UVC Lamp Now!!

Rated Power:2.5w
Working time: 30 minutes/use 3-4 times/ charge
Color: Black & Red
Battery: 600mAh
UV wavelength: 185nm - 220nm
Effectivity range: 5 sqm- 10 sqm

This unit has an effectivity range of 5 sqm to 10 sqm only. This product can be use in small spaces, insulation bags, cars, cabinets and etc. If you have an area of more than 10 sqm, we suggest buying two units to sanitize larger area.