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Portable UV Bag



The Portable UV Bag lets you quickly sterilize phone, face mask, keys, kids toys, glasses, wallet and everything else.

Now you can be absolutely sure commonly touched items are completely safe from viruses, germs, and pathogens. This is the convenient, ultimate way to ensure good health during these difficult times.

The compact bag is the size of a lunch box and holds most handheld items. It uses powerful yet safe ultra violet light energy to cleanse items in just 5 to 15 minutes. Powered by an eco-friendly USB connection.

Now you can stay safe and sleep well knowing all your handheld items are sterilized and free from danger. The Portable UV Bag is the convenient and highly effective way to confidently eliminate just about everything that could make you sick.


Kill 99% of bacteria: The UV sterilization package is specially designed to work with UV and ozone at the same time, and it has been tested in the laboratory to kill 99% of bacteria.

Versatile, lightweight, small: This is a UV sterilization bag for baby bottles / underwear / toothbrushes / beauty tools / Jewelry

UV sterilization principle:
UV-C destroys DNA and amplifiers; bacterial and viral RNA loses its vitality and reproduction ability by exposure to microorganisms, thereby achieving disinfection.
UV-C light kills bacteria without the use of chemicals.UV-C disinfectants and deodorants provide a healthy living environment.
UV-C light destroys bacteria's DNA, thereby eliminating the bacteria's ability to reproduce.

Product: UV Sterilization Bag
Mode: UVC + ozone
Input: 5V 600mA
UV wavelength: 185 nm
Rated power: 3W
Dimensions: 24mm x 13mm x 12mm
Working mode: 15 minutes / time for single sterilization
Material: Nylon
Shell color: black and red

Packing list

1 * UV sterilization package
1 * USB charging cable
1 x English user manual